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Why choose a Celebrant?

Whether you are looking to celebrate your marriage, renew your vows, or celebrate the naming or adoption of a child, Christina can help you create a truly special and memorable day.

The service Christina conducts is hugely personal and unique, giving you the chance to express your commitment, love and wishes with your family and friends as witness. Christina writes and creates a service that weaves the story of your lives so far and your wishes for the future. This helps to form a more intimate and relaxed service, that often results in a fantastic mix of laughter and tears. It gives you the freedom to be imaginative about would like included in your service because a Celebrant is not constrained by certain legal or religious parameters. (Unlike Registrars and Humanist Celebrants).

If you wish you may have any spiritual or religious beliefs included as this type of Ceremony. Any running themes or interests in your lives that are specific to you can also be included.

If you do not consider yourself to be spiritual or religious, your Ceremony will be just as profound as it will express your aspirations and wishes for the future. The content of the service will be personal and meaningful to you.

Christina will gather lots of lovely information about you and will write a service that really embodies the essence of those involved. Having this type of bespoke service means it can be as informal or structured as you wish. There will of course be a serious tone to sections of the service, with the inclusion of your vows or pledges to demonstrate the significance of the commitment you are making.

You are welcome to incorporate as much of your own words and readings as you like, or Christina can write the whole Ceremony for you. To make the day even more personal, you can also involve your family and friends by getting them to say a few words. Whether it’s for a Wedding, Renewal of Vows, or Naming Ceremony, Christina will be able to suggest plenty of other ideas and ways you can involve your family and friends and make your service incredibly special and memorable.

Where can the Ceremony take place?

Choosing a Celebrant allows you to have your Ceremony wherever you like, be it at a hotel venue, in your own home or outside in gardens.

If you are booking Christina for your Wedding Ceremony, it’s good to keep in mind your venue does not need a licence as the legal paperwork will have taken place at the registry office prior to the Ceremony.
Many couples consider the registration as the ‘technicalities’ and view the Ceremony that is performed by the Celebrant as the significant day, as it expresses the true meaning of the commitment they are making.
Unlike a registrar, a Celebrant can perform your Ceremony in any place you choose.

Christina was based in Surrey but now lives in Kent. She is willing to travel to neighbouring counties as well as other parts of the UK and abroad.